Visa Information

Kenya Visa

Visitors holding a re-entry pass to Kenya, citizens of Ethiopia and San Marino and citizens from certain former British possessions do not need a visa. Visas are required for citizens of all other countries. The list of countries whose nationals do not require a visa and the requirements to obtain a visa are located at A visa can be obtained on entry. However, we recommend you obtain one before arrival to avoid lengthy queues at the airport.

The reciprocal visa abolition agreements with Germany, Italy, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Spain and the Republic of Ireland are no longer in operation. Nationals of these countries must have a visa.

Visa Requirements

Passport must be signed, valid for at least six months and hold blank pages for visas and other endorsements.
Two copies of the visa application form completed and signed by the applicant.

Two recent passport size photographs attached to the application form.
Valid round trip ticket or a letter from your travel agent certifying that the applicant holds prepaid arrangements.
A self-addressed stamped envelope for express mail, courier, registered mail, etc., must be included if the visa is urgently required. Metered stamps are not acceptable.
Home and work telephone numbers.
Standard Visa fees payable by cash to the Embassy of Kenya.
Multiple entry visa: US$100 (normally issued for a period of six months)
Single journey visa: US$50
Transit visa issued at entry: US$20

Please fill out the form correctly and enclose the photographs and payment to avoid delay and disappointment.